May we introduce ourselves

Dr. Reiner Czichos has been expert on change management
since 41 years.

We support change management in your company
as consultants, coaches, facilitators, trainers
and also as your personal sparring partner.

We are experts in designing
your change marketing and communication plan.

We are working directly with you
and your managers and professionals,
we involve people, instead of leaving you and them out.
You and your managers you are the change agents,
not some external consultants.

We prefer to cooperate
with your internal people- and organisational development professionals
not shying away from transferring our know-how and experiences.

That is also the reason why we publish what we know.

We want to know you, your company and people
to understand your situation and your needs.
Together with you we perform a professional needs analysis.
We claim to customize all activities we are performing for you.
We do not deliver pre-fabricated standard activities.

We have extensive experience
in multinational and multicultural environment
and/or with multinational management teams
not only in large companies
but also in small and medium sized companies.

Quite some times customers did engage us as non-native English speakers instead of native speakers with their perfect English.

For many people in multinational companies

it’s easier to understand and to speak international English.

Dr. Reiner Czichos has published so far
11 books and by far more than 50 articles on change management.
All 11 books refer to the different aspects of change management.

So far the books are written in German, except 2.
He will start translating the key books into English.