There are so many sales-trainers and sales-trainings on the market. “Guru-trainers” claim to teach you the latest tricks to make a customer buy. These tricks may be successful, when you are selling a pullover or a car to a single person. But even in these simple cases there might be further people influencing the decision of the buyer, e.g. the partner of the buyer, who you do not have the chance to meet.
We will not teach you the latest tricks.
We are experts in B2B-strategic selling and account management.
In B2B-selling there are often quite a few people involved in the customer´s decision process. And also in your own company your success in selling depends on may other people in different departments: Finance, production, service, marketing, …. It is critical for to know the people in the Buying Center as well as in the Selling Center, and to understand the dynamics of the decision processes. As account manager you also need to influence these processes, e.g. by coaching your contact persons in the customer company; you want to help them in selling to their bosses and colleagues what you have discussed with them, what you have proposed them, what you want to sell them. Your contact persons need to become your sales-people in the customer company.

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Strategic selling is not kick-and-rush selling. Decision-/buying-processes can last several months or even longer, depending on the complexity of the investment and of the whole deal. This is why strategic selling requires strategic planning; selling becomes a project.
And finally buying and installing investment goods often means, that the customers needs to change processes or even structures, and may also be that people in the customer company need to change their working habits. See e.g. installing a new IT-system, like product life cycle management or share ware. This is change! So account managers need to know about change management as well to eventually help the customer understand the required changes and to start an internal change project, in which of course the account manager will not participate; but he might help to find the right consultants and coaches.