There is nothing, which is more often swept under the carpet than … conflicts.
Same as nobody eats fast food, nobody has conflicts, of course.

But … conflicts are a daily phenomenon.

Studies have been showing that managers tend to ignore and avoid conflicts as long as possible … till there is no way our left. The result: The conflict is becoming hot. There will be winners and looser, or even only loosers. Can you afford hot conflicts in your company, in your team?

Conflicts are unavoidable specifically when changes are being implemented. In those situations you should not only accept conflict, but also even actively provoke them, so the cards get on the table. You want to exploit the creative potential of conflicts for constructive solutions.

To be successful in constructive conflict handling
you will need quite some creativity.

And … of course … it takes quite some will and energy
Not to fall back in your old and maybe detrimental conflict behaviour patterns.

By the way: Do you know your conflict patterns, your conflict traps? Do you know the conflict escalation- and de-escalation processes? Do you know how to intervene, when your people are in conflict.?

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