We do not delegate outdoor-events to climbing crags and rafting .We have been designing and managing creactive out- and indoor events since more than 35 years.
We believe that those events need to be an integral part of meetings and workshops, related to their objectives; not just “let´s do something together … and see who of us is the most courageous in …!” These outdoor-events  should not be designed only to use those in the team who are most courageous or strong or high risk takers.
There are more talents in a team, which should be cherished (see Howard Gardner: multiple intelligences). There are poets in your team, painters, vocal artist, dancers, comedians, actors, thinkers, etc. So the exercises in out- and indoor-events need to be designed in such a way, that all talents in the team can show up and need to be used.
So far our biggest outdoor event took place on Malta with 150 participants, it lasted the whole day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The smallest one was also a whole day, but with a management team of only 4 people; they had to compete against me.