A surprising and unusual term for you?
It is an artificial word, made out of creativity and activity.
It is not enough to generate and discuss ideas.
One has to implement them actively and sometimes also with courage.
Not only invention, but also INNOVATION.


Ideas are the basic for innovation. Innovation most often means change in the company.
Invention and innovation are needed, yes, to ensure surviving and growing in future. But are they really welcomed by all? Ideas are provocations, they are destabilizing. Change is not really welcome. Specifically if this is not based on one´s own ideas. But without invention and innovation a company will starve and die.
Therefore think about the following questions before you send your people to a creativity seminar:

  • How can tell your people are creative?
  • How can you foster the creativity of your people?
  • Do you really want your people to be creative?
  • Do you allow them to not only discuss ideas, but to implement them?

Hope, you do not end up quoting Goethe:
“Spirits I have cited//My demands ignore.” (Goethe, Der Zauberlehrling)
Sending people to creativity seminars is a beginning, but by far not enough. You need to grow an innovation culture in your company. And you need processes to discover new ideas, to decide whether to make them grow and blossom and implement them.