“Coaching has got grey hair!”

This is what a HR-manager told me some time ago, pointing to my grey hair. He does not mean to disqualify young colleagues as coaches. He thinks however , that it is an advantage of elder coaches to have long years of experience, e.g. as a manager or as a Salesperson. Further advantage of the experienced coach if he/she has already done negotiations  him-/herself, or if he/she has international and multicultural experience. This is our advantage … and your benefit. We can communicate with you on eye level.
We prefer to ask (first) to understand you and your situation. We do not step into the door with immediate advice … We ask. By asking we can help you to find a solution yourself. Of course we share our experience as well, and we also share experiences of managers and professionals we have met before.

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Coaching roles, Tom Peters and Nancy Austin, Thriving on Chaos

We were already successful as coach when there were no certificates for coaches yet. Dr. Reiner Czichos, instead, has trained managers (and trainers) to become  coaches before. And in the meantime he has published already 4 books, which touch “coaching” as a core competence needed in leading people. So we cannot and would not show you “our certificates” … they don´t mean a thing to us.
We also do not belong to a coaching-school with fixed methods. We build on a huge variety of methods to adapt ourselves to you and your specific needs in your situation. We do not conceive coaching either as a kind of game, playing with esoteric stuff. We are pragmatic. We individualize our activities.

Our Coaching Concept