Whenever you plan any (major) changes, like e.g. new strategies and processes and structures, new products, new markets, or when you are about to change the company culture, or when you start outsourcing, and even when you are merging with another company, … you should apply professional project management  technology.


You do not, i.e. you should not, waste resources by just starting these projects without plans and assuming that things will be done and go right anyhow. Can you afford to risk money? Can you afford to frustrate your people?
It is really amazing: There are not many companies, which have implemented and are applying project management for change projects.
On top of this: Changes will not stop, there will be more, and even more surprising changes as companies need to respond in a flexible way to changes on the market and in society. That is, that managers and professional will have more and more demanding projects to manage. Project management is one of the key skills of managers and professionals for the survival of the company.

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