Are there any jobs/roles in a company, which can be performed by a person working fully individually without any links to others? Projects and tasks within a company are getting more complex. Teamwork is key.
Specifically middle managers are dependent on their colleagues heading neighbouring teams. But also professionals in a team, who need the input from their colleagues to perform.


One way to connect all the departments in ways it is needed, could be a process of integrating department strategies, objectives and processes e.g. by a system of vertical and horizontal objectives and level of service agreements. How many companies are there, which have these systems in place? Not many!

So teambuilding workshops need to address two levels of issues:

  • How to align people within a team and between teams in the creation processes.
  • Plus all the soft stuff, which is normally the concern of coaches and trainers:
  1. Communication
  2. Team identity
  3. Roles in a team
  4. Group dynamic
  5. Leading teams
  6. ……

The key however is: How does it help if people like each other and if they really stick to the rules, if goals and strategies and processes and roles are not aligned?!