Alone in the German speaking countries, it is said, that there are more than 40.000 people, who claim to be trainers and/or coaches. For all kind of seminars. Most of them are free-lancers. Quite a few, isn´t it.
But this figure is cheating.
There are many more “trainers” in each company. To start with there are all those people who run technical- and or product seminars. In addition many managers and professional run at least occasionally seminars and/or give “presentations” to get others to understand and learn things.
There is an ongoing and ever increasing need to teach and train people.
And this means that here are more and more people involved in training.

train the trainer.jpg

First, I have a provocation for you (and my trainer-colleagues): What hinders you as manager to run some seminars yourself, which are “normally” run by “professional” trainers, e.g.: project management, selling skills, or even leadership seminars on objective setting and delegating, etc. I am sure that you as a senior manager have the know-how and the skills in these subjects. So, if so, if you have, you could run these seminars …
Maybe you are missing only the theories, methods and skills of running seminars and teaching (or better) training people.

Take over responsibility for training your people.
Take action!

I am sure, even if you start running seminars and by that steel potential contracts for us trainers, there will still be enough to do for us.