(Allan Katcher and Stuart Atkins)
More than a typology: A method of Strength Management
(LIFO® = Life Orientation)

“Adversity is the school of wisdom?” “Learning from mistakes?”


That is easier, makes more fun, motivates better and is more successful: Chimpanzees learn picking cotton much faster, if they get rewarded each time the have done something right. So do human beings. In the best-seller book “one-minute-manager” you can find a beautiful  saying:

To put it in other terms:
Discover the strength of your people and help them to use and grow their strengths.

People have and use quite different behaviour styles. People who “are” different compared to you and to your values are neither better nor worse than you, they are and behave just different compared to you.
They could be successful in their roles as well as you. For example it should be known by now, that there is no best leadership style or selling style. It depends on the situation if a certain style is appropriate and successful.
You should appreciate that there people different than you, because together you have a much broader behavioural repertoire than each of you alone. You could complement each other. This is key in management- and project-teams.

There is nothing more boring and less successful
if a team of people think and behave all alike!

More about the LIFO®-Method

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