“Neuro-Trainings”! I myself like to coin new terms, e.g. creactiv, entretrainment, motivaction, knowbodies. This is why I should not criticize colleagues when they – again and again – disguise theories/methods, which have been known and practiced already for a long time, in new terms pretending that they have them developed these themselves!
“Neuro-Trainings”! I am quite proud about my book “Entertrainment für Knowbodies” (unfortunately only available in German so far), published in 1999. On almost 500 pages I am describing how trainers should design and run their seminars in a brain-friendly way. And I am even happy to tell everybody that my ideas are based on Vera V. Birkenbihl´s book “Stroh im Kopf”, in which  she, to my knowledge, coins the term “brain friendly learning” for the first time.
We apply brain friendly and partner oriented methods in our seminars and workshops. Seminars need to be trainings, not just lectures and some group sessions with lengthy discussions. Inputs must be provided in an “easy-to-understand-way”: stories, visualisation, interaction, let people discover themselves….  Cognitive input is only a start in the learning process.
Many theories and ideas we could give as trainers, the participants can discover themselves, if one ask the right questions and if one gives them the opportunity to discuss and discover in break-out groups, supported by a trainer-coach. Stop have people sitting and listening and falling asleep …!
So, we run interactive seminars/trainings. We do not see us as lecturers. We are and act as facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants. Bur we claim also, that our theoretical background is huge, maybe much larger than those of many colleagues. See our publications. At the same time we have decades of experiences first as managers and then as trainers.