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Learning Dynamics is “must reading” for anyone who finds himself/herself in the role of a teacher, a parent, a coach, a motivator or in the role of leading others.
Konrad Adenauer, one of the great statesmen of the 20th century, well known for his insights and folksy humor regarding people once said: “Take People the way they are. There are no others.”  (Gerrit Knodt, Ph.D.)
Trainers and teachers have common encounters of students who are eager to learn and a pleasure to teach, as well as students who seem bored and have difficulty picking up the pace.
Similarly, there are many instances in work life where the boss is either uplifting or discouraging.
Ideally, trainers, teachers, and bosses want their students or employees to absorb as much information as possible and to find the materials and the learning process interesting. Encountering such appreciation gives enormous satisfaction and gives worth to effort.
In the aim to make learning and business more productive, Dr. Allan Katcher and Dr. Reiner Czichos use psychology in the form of the LIFE Orientations (LIFO®) Survey to enhance learning and teaching abilities in their book, Learning Dynamics.
Through the LIFO Learning and Teaching Styles Surveys, the authors gather insights on the factors that affect how people learn, interpret the results, and apply the new knowledge to enhance personal teaching and learning prowess.
In Learning Dynamics, trainers, teachers, and bosses will learn techniques to enhance their ability to reach students and create favorable learning conditions, while students and trainers will assess their and other people’s way of learning and, through interpretation and analysis, learn how to extend their learning abilities.
Learning Dynamics emphasizes on interpersonal conditions that influence people to pay favorable attention to each other, be empathetic and encouraging, and leverage the unique strengths and talents of every learner.
Through LIFO’s advantageous strength-focused philosophies and numerous cases in point, readers will be able to understand what makes it easy or difficult to learn and how they can manage to make learning more interesting, meaningful, and productive. Let the LIFO experience change your learning or business environment today.


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