LEARNING DYNAMICS, Allan Katcher, Ph. D. and Reiner Czichos,

Allan Katcher and Reiner Czichos have breathed life back into the topic of how individuals learn and how they should be instructed. Their masterful stroke is the use of the LIFO philosophy and methodology as basics for understanding and comparison of the various learning types and learning styles. Once reader makes the effort to understand the LIFO methodology and philoso-phy, its application to the young learner, mature learner and those tasked with the delivery of effective learning is readily apparent. Katcher & Czichos write in an easy to read style, using a myriad of examples, including their own experiences as both learners and instructors, to make their ideas live in the reader's world. I personally saw new applications of this topic to my own learning dynamics and was able to immediately apply the methodology not only to the learning system but to other personal and business activities where I need to effectively communicate with heterogenous groups of friends or business partners. I recommend this book to learning professionals who are searching for ways to be more effective in their teaching and are looking for ways to help their learners learn and integrate the content and affect of training.
John Myles Black
Personnel Management
Adam Opel GmbH; Rüsselsheim, Germany

Continuous learning in the knowledge society is the necessary basis of successful implementation. There are new personal profile-specific differences in learning, which ...